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The server creates log files for the purpose of delivering you this website or in case of errors. These log files are temporarily stored in an anonymized format and automatically deleted afterwards. Apart from that there is no collection, no storage or evaluation of data of any kind. Thus we don't consider the incurring data to be personal identifiable.

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We dont't track and run no analytics.


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All connections are encrypted. We use Let's Encrypt.

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Unless otherwise noted, all content is available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. German copyright regulations remain untouched by that.


Email sent to us directly will be saved and archived. Interested parties are not required to enter personal information into the contact form for it to work though. By snail mail:


Despite carefully selecting and checking each referenced external website, we are not responsible for their contents.

We also don't take responsibility for any damage may caused by installing or running the xini fstabMods. But if it helps your decision, we want you to know, that we've received only positive feedback so far.


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